Wo eine Machete ist, ist auch ein Weg.

Want to grow with us?


TROPEN are not without challenge: Adventurous and diversified, sometimes exhausting. But be sure: In our greenhouse we certainly create the best work atmosphere in the city!

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»If a plant doesn't thrive its about the setting - not the plant.«

We love working with people whose eyes are wide open: all-rounders, who are empathic, interested in current events and just a little bit crazy. 

But we also totally dig specialisation. At the TROPEN talent is the drive. And talent is often found beyond the ascribed jobs - we look out for that and support that talent.

Because talent that thrives brings energy and success to the entire place. Ergo: we reward inner growth with responsibility and cooler tasks. That's how we help everyone just a little with finding their own Ikigai.



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Art Director (m/f)

Medior up to Senior Level - more important than age is your portfolio and passion for Design \ No decoration artist but problem solver, on- and offline \ Excited for a challenging team, no fear of taking on responsibility

Apply to hello@tropen.com


Project manager (m/f)

Junior up to Medior Level \ Blessed with equanimity \ Excited to take on the everlasting chaos with structure and thoughtfulness \ High affinity for the digital world \  Yearning to learn in all areas: controlling, offers, CMS-maintenance, adwords, social media

Apply to hello@tropen.com