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The Legend of Shuri and Epa

There was a time, many a moon ago, when chief Shuri took his son Epa hunting. Epa loved these roaming days spent alone with his father. He wanted to learn everything there was to learn before, one day, he would become chief himself.
On the first day, as they were following the gnu, Epa asked: »Father. Why are we here?« Yet his father only nodded.
On the second day, as they were casting for barracuda, Epa asked: »Father. What is our purpose in life?« Yet his father only nodded.
On the third day, as they were lying in ambush for the antelope, Epa asked: »Father. What makes a good chief?« Yet his father only nodded.
Now Shuri saw that despair clouded the eyes of his son. And he put his hand on Epa's shoulder and told him: »Son. The good chief does not answer the big questions. He's asking them. Over and over again. Just like you.«

The Legend of Shuri and Epa is typical for the TROPEN. Because it speaks of curiosity as a stance. It speaks of questioning and trying, learning and growing. It speaks, alas, of the very things we get out of bed for in the mornings. 

We like the story so much because it plays off the beaten track. Beyond all the ›That's-just-the-way-it-is‹ and ›But-we-always-did-it-that-way‹. It is only yonder that the mystery maze of creativity truly begins. 

Naturally, we have made up The Legend of Shuri and Epa entirely. But isn't that just what our work is about? Telling stories that are simply too good to not be true.